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Strategic Focus, Patient Impact

Healthcare Venture Foundry

We focus on aligning interests of investors, clinicians / researchers, and entrepreneurs with a strategic focus on early commercialization.

We come in as co-founders to build ideas into successful commercial ventures



We selectively collaborate with researchers and clinicians with the most promising ideas for advancing patient care. We will help you to evaluate your idea and navigate the early stages of the commercialisation process. We align our interests with yours, and focus on key drivers of go/no-go decisions and effective use of limited resources. 


For established companies we help develop and implement a strategic roadmap to optimize success. This can include market analysis and segmentation, identification of early adopters, regulatory or reimbursement (healthcare economic considerations), product roadmap, go to market strategy, clinical validation, business development, manufacturing and partnering


12Bridge partners with early stage investors on their portfolio, providing companies with individual time and guidance.  We can offer focused attention on value inflection points, and provide strategic insight to inform operational decisions.  Efforts are aligned with long term focus on successful exits, and capital efficient management of collaborations 

Impacting Healthcare

In healthcare, It’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind.  

Improving care has three key value drivers: access, cost, and quality. Improving the efficiency of care which benefits institutions and clinicians also benefits patients. 

Effective strategy in healthcare requires considering all components, and the roles of the six P’s (Providers, Payors, Physicians, Pharmacy/PBMs, Patients, and Policymakers).

We take a holistic perspective in navigating the healthcare ecosystem, including business models to address access for underserved populations.